[Free Photoshop Brushes] Adobe Edvard Munch Special Edition Brushes

Download these Edvard Munch Brushes on Adobe.com
Click on the .tpl files that appear on this page. Then click on the download button at the top right corner of the page. Now save the .TPL files to your computer.

You may be asking: How do you Install .tpl files in Photoshop? These are different then BRUSH presets. These are TOOL PRESETS. So you will not be able to load them from the standard LOAD BRUSH command. You will need to go to the LOAD TOOL PRESET command, which is found here:

Select the LOAD TOOL PRESETS, and then locate your .TPLfile on your computer and click LOAD. This should add them to your presets list. Found Here:

Hope this helps. Have a great day!

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